The company Intech information technology, d.o.o. Split, since 1995 is present in the market. The primary activity is the provision of support services and the introduction of integrated business solutions. Since 2010 the company Intech offers a solution Sales ASI.

Description of ASI Sales solutions

ASI Sales solution manages sales. The solution introduced implementation of SECONDS service through two processes. The process of 'Discovering the problem' answer to the question 'What is the problem' and 'How the problem manifests itself,' a process 'Resolving the problem' answer to the question 'Why the problem occurred' and 'What a goal to choose'

application– ASI Sales solution can be linked to various ERP systems. It has successfully implemented a connection to Point2000.

vision - Information and knowledge enables reactions to change. Nowadays it is no longer enough. Only the release of creativity and innovation resulting in the creation of proactive change. There ASI Sales solution can be of assistance.

services - A company Intech provides services to the construction, introduction (implementation of SECONDS service), support and maintenance of ASI Sales solutions